What We Do

We have brought together an expert team to be able to manage all aspects of film making & distribution from project creation, finance, production marketing and the ability to exploit all sales areas globally sets us apart from others.


What we do


Vertically integrated our team have the requisite skills to exploit distribution in every area of physical, digital, theatrical and TV distribution with global reach.

We attend every major market ensuring that we both seek out the best content for UK distribution and represent our projects to a global audience.

What we do


On the film-making side, GEM has assembled a team of writers, producers, directors, agents and creators (with Emmy and BAFTA credits) that together can deliver a “script to shelf” film production service, all around the ethos of maximum quality for minimum cost, a direct antithesis of the Hollywood machine. With modern techniques and practices it really is possible to make a $20m movie for $2m, it is much more the choice of Hollywood for it not to be possible.